Do you need a Shuttle Bus for your business or personal use?

A great variety of used buses are available in the market today, depending on the purpose they will serve. Usually, a bus has to transport people from one location to another, and such buses are called Shuttle buses or Minibuses. If you want to buy a Shuttle bus or Minibus, you are in the right place.

Shuttle buses are smaller compared to coach or transit-size buses and quite affordable. However, you must do your due diligence and be careful when buying a bus, especially from whom you are buying one. A Used Minibus For Sale can be affordable but still expensive compared to other vehicles you have ever purchased. If you are buying a shuttle bus for the first time, you need to be extra cautious and do thorough research on the market before settling down on the bus you need.

Many shuttle buses are available online, depending on how and where you want to use them. For example, Shuttle buses typically seat up to 25 passengers; if you’re going to seat 35 or more passengers, you need a coach bus. Similarly, if you’re going to transport passengers with disabilities or special needs, you need a shuttle bus equipped with an electronic wheelchair lift. Such wheelchair-equipped shuttle buses are necessities and are frequently used as adult daycare buses, senior center shuttles, adult daycare shuttles, medical transport shuttles, senior center vans, medical transport vans, medical transport buses, adult daycare vans, senior center buses, and more. Also, if you want to save on fuel, you may want to consider a bus powered by a diesel engine.


Used Shuttle Buses For Sale are commonly used as:

1. Church Bus: These types of shuttle buses provide transportation to Church events, mid-week services, and Sunday services, fulfilling the mission of the church to reach out to people in need. They also help reduce the number of vehicles that are parked outside the church as well as pollution. As a Church grows, they tend to buy shuttle buses to bring in members who live some distance away from the church, especially seniors and children, for services, outreach, trips, and study groups. A Church bus also helps a Church get more popular in the neighborhood. If the people living in that area know that the Church bus is coming on a specific day at a certain time, this increases the social interaction between the church and its members. Churches frequently use banner ads on their shuttle buses to advertise their services throughout the bus route.
2. Airport Shuttle Bus: These buses usually transport people to and from the airport and, in many cases, within an airport from one terminal to another. These buses have a larger passenger capacity and luggage space with minimal seats, so they can transport the maximum number of people in a single trip.
3. Hotel Shuttle Bus: These are buses owned and operated by private hotels in an airport’s vicinity. They tend to ferry guests to and from the airport at a pre-determined time and run on a fixed schedule unless you have specifically booked them for your arrival. These buses often run every 10 – 15 minutes to and from the airport.
4. Shopping Mall Shuttle Bus: As the name suggests, Mall owners operate shuttle services in their neighborhood to conveniently ferry customers or buyers from their homes to the shopping mall. The pick-up and drop-off points are at designated bus stops or landmarks.
5. Tour Bus: These buses take tourists, especially foreigners, sightseeing trips around tourist attractions.
6. Limo Bus: These buses are driven by a chauffeur with a partition between the driver’s cabin and the passenger cabin. These buses offer limousine service with a pre-booked bus for hire with a driver. In these buses, the driver is always outside the passenger cabin.
7. Charter Bus: These buses are typically hired or purchased by organizations to transport a group of people from one destination to another and are used to travel short and long distances comfortably. In other words, they are used for group travel. For example, a construction company may regularly buy a shuttle bus or hire a shuttle service to transport its employees from its headquarters to the construction site.
8. Jitney Bus: These buses transport passengers from one location to another for a fare. They are usually operated by private companies in busy areas and lack public transportation. Jitneys transport people to critical areas around the city; some may even run from suburban regions to downtown areas for a modest fare.
9. Personal Use Vehicle: Individuals who are handicapped and want an affordable means of transportation often buy a minibus or wheelchair van equipped with a wheelchair lift. The Minibus helps transport the handicapped individual and their family members on local medical visits and family outings. Dog Rescue Service: Animal shelters in many locations are being overwhelmed with abandoned animals, particularly dogs, and do not have the budgets or space to care for them before they are euthanized. Volunteers and individual operators are buying used buses to transport dogs and other animals to distant cities where they can be successfully adopted.
11. Recreational Vehicles: Since Used Shuttle Buses are affordable and easily customizable, they can be used as recreational vehicles, including living quarters designed for travel and low-cost accommodations. Retirees commonly use such buses for extended trips to family and friends.
12. Commercial contract transportation carriers: Commercial carriers that transport the handicapped with contracts of less than five years and do not want to get stuck with payments on new buses after their contracts expire buy used shuttle buses for financial safety.
13. Schools and Shopping Centers: Schools & Shopping Centers buy preowned shuttle buses, especially those with a Safe-Ride program for students and shoppers in distant parking lots and nighttime and inclement weather transport.
14. Real Estate Companies: Real Estate Operators, Managers, and Developers buy preowned minibuses for transporting their clientele between their properties (office buildings and better residential complexes) and public transportation hubs.
15. Other Uses: When you buy a preowned shuttle bus for sale, the possibilities are endless on how you can use them. You will be surprised to know that small businesses frequently purchase preowned buses and are converted into mobile offices for chiropractors, hairdressers, mobile teeth whitening offices, personal trainers, and much more.


Once you have a bus that suits your needs, you need to consider passenger comfort next. Does the bus have full-view tinted windows? Does it have an entertainment/music system? Does it have air conditioning and rear heating units for the colder months? Does it have safety equipment like a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, seat belts, armrests, and grab handles? Are the seats in cloth or vinyl? Just for your information, vinyl seats are preferred by many passengers since they are easy to clean, retain less odor, and are comfortable on long trips. You also need to check if the seats have sufficient legroom. When passengers travel long distances, they tend to carry a lot of luggage, so you will need a bus that may have luggage compartments overhead and below the seats and maybe even at the front or rear end of the bus. Many shuttle buses are equipped with flip seats, so you can increase or decrease the wheelchair seating capacity depending on the number of passengers and wheelchairs on your bus. Larger shuttle buses are ideal for long-distance travel and higher passenger counts; some even come with a lavatory (be careful what you wish for). In short, you get what you pay for, and with the right amount of money, you can add, remove or replace any equipment and modify your bus for your specific requirements.

Choosing the right bus for your needs can be a difficult task. A shuttle bus is an investment and will give you handsome returns yearly if you choose the right bus at the right price. Buying a brand new shuttle bus is often not a good idea since it is expensive, many small businesses and organizations can’t afford it, and they depreciate faster than used buses. The depreciation factor can be up to 30% in just the first year; they are not a good choice, especially if you want to use them occasionally as a church bus service or hire as a wedding or birthday party vehicle, warranty parts and service are not always readily available in case of an accident or breakdown, they may not be readily available for delivery due to size or supply-chain issues, and you may have to wait months to get your bus parts delivered at your business or home. Since you initially paid a lot to buy your bus, you will have to wait longer to recover your principal investment.

So buying a brand new shuttle bus is not a good option for many businesses and organizations. Well, then, what do you do? You can buy a used or pre-owned shuttle bus that is readily available on the market today. Many small business and institutions list their used shuttle buses for sale online once they have served their purpose and no longer need them or have become unreliable. Your first thought is that it might seem a desirable option for saving money. But it would help if you kept in mind that these preowned minibusses for sale have been running on the road for years, may have a lot of wear and tear while transporting people, and have acquired many thousands of miles of lack of maintenance over the years. Undoubtedly, these preowned used buses also have many physical, electronic, and mechanical defects. The seller will often hide these defects from the buyer to make a quick sale and get rid of their bus. You can buy a used minibus that is unusable even after paying thousands of dollars to buy it and transporting it to your location. Then you will have to spend thousands of additional money on mechanical repairs and refreshing its interior and exterior to make it travel-worthy for passengers. Of course, this entire process of purchase, repair, and reconditioning will cost you precious time and money.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could buy a used minibus that is fully reconditioned from bumper to bumper, has more than 100 components and parts checked and repaired by experienced professionals, is ready to hit the road, is prepared for immediate delivery, is being sold by a company who is licensed and bonded under state and federal law and by someone who has been in the business of reconditioning used buses for more than a generation? If your answer is yes, we are the used shuttle bus dealership you are looking for and will help you buy the best shuttle bus for your business. Whether you want to use your bus as a Church Bus, Handicap Transport, Jitney Bus, Tour Bus, Limo Bus, Charter Bus, Team Travel Bus, Casino Bus, Hotel Transport Bus, Airport Bus, etc., we have preowned minibusses that fit your needs and budget, are fully reconditioned and inspected from bumper to bumper, have excellent interiors as well as exteriors with a fresh appearance and are ready to hit the road.


Some of the additional benefits of buying Used Shuttle Buses For Sale are:

1. Storage Capacity: Transportation companies often look for buses with higher storage capacity since passengers traveling long distances tend to carry more luggage. Many used shuttle buses have luggage compartments above & below the seats, at the entrance, or rear of the bus. They are often equipped with flip seats, so the number of seats can be increased or decreased depending on the number of passengers on the bus.
2. Tested Fit on the road: If you buy used shuttle buses from licensed & bonded dealerships like Superior Buses, then you get a bus that is tested, serviced, and ready to roll in the USA & Canada.
3. Drive a fairly priced used bus at a lower price: You don’t need to break the bank to buy a bus. Used buses for sale are more affordable compared to new buses. You can buy several Pre-owned buses at the price of one new bus. This is the easiest way to increase your bus fleet capacity and grow your transportation business.
4. Clean vehicle history reports: Before you buy a preowned bus for sale, you need to know about its previous status, previous owners, repairs, accidents, mileage validation, and law history. You can get all this information from its history report. Licensed used bus dealerships always sell buses that have a clean report. This gives you peace of mind while going thru the bus-buying process. You always know what you are paying for.
5. Money Maker: Used buses are far more affordable than new buses. You can buy a used bus and transport people almost instantly. Since you initially pay less to buy the bus, you recover your principal amount faster than new buses. The money that you make after recovering the principal amount is pure profits. It’s easier and faster to profit from a used bus than a new one.
6. Customization: Virtually every piece of equipment and part on a used bus can be easily added, removed, changed, or replaced and easily sourced. This is not the case with new buses. New buses often use only parts from the factory that built them and are often difficult to source in the local market. So, if your new bus breaks down, your business comes to a standstill, maybe even for several weeks or months if the factory or new bus dealer does not have the parts or the technicians available.
7. Pay Less for Insurance: The insurance of buses is often determined by their value. Since you buy the used bus at a lower price, you may save on insurance premiums compared to new buses. This may also benefit your company since you will have to pay insurance for the entire life of your buses.
9. Reduced Depreciation: Used buses offer the best value for your money because they depreciate less. A new bus may depreciate up to 25% in the first year and lose up to 50% of its value within two years. With used buses, you don’t have to worry as much about the depreciation factor since they have already gone thru much depreciation at the expense of the original owner.
10. Lower Registration Fee and Sales Taxes: The taxes and fees are normally determined by the price and weight of the vehicle. Since you would typically pay less to buy a used bus, you could be paying a lower registration fee and a lower sales tax which offers savings to you.

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